When Angels Die by Caroline de Chavigny

Anyone from any walk of life can experience an internal rage.  Finding the source of one’s internal rage is the beginning to managing it.

Caroline de Chavigny is an author known to “write real books for real people.”


One of her books, When Angels Die, shares a detailed story of her recovering from being raped and brutally beaten in her own home as her children are asleep in their beds. In this book, she shares her thoughts and prayers to have more time to raise her sons. After leaving the hospital, Caroline de Chavigny shares her journey to recovery.


When Angels

Throughout her mental, emotional, and physical recovery, one can see resilience, strength, hope, and determination to push past the rage, fear, and inner turmoil she was experiencing after being assaulted.


It’s a fast paced book with graphic details. If one has experienced abuse or domestic violence, it’s highly encouraged to read this book cautiously due to the graphic detail of the trauma.

If you are struggling with internal rage, When Angels Die is a great biography to learn how one person learned to manage their thoughts and feelings after an assault.

Caroline de Chavigny has several other published books, two of which are children’s books entitled A Sparrow’s Sad Song and Merry Birthday.

Sparrow     Merry

Below are links to her books for more information:

When Angels Die

A Sparrow’s Sad Song

Merry Birthday

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