Living can bring about tragic experiences, leaving us to feel as if our lives have been broken into pieces. It can seem like a hopeless journey to not only find those pieces, but to put the pieces back together. We may even feel as if those broken pieces of our lives will be lost forever.

I have good news for you. You still have some pieces, and we can take those pieces, dust them off, and create something new. When we put those pieces back together, they may not return to the original structure. However, those same pieces can be transformed into something new, something just as functional, and something just as beautiful.

When you see this flower, think of it as an emblem. An emblem that represents a life that was once broken into pieces and is now put back together to create something beautiful – a flower.


Tiffani Dilworth is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Author and Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Hope