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Tiffani Dilworth is an author known for her “straightforwardness in her writing and her compassion for others.”

11 Tools to Help Manage the Aftermath of Trauma is a book that has coping skills from different theoretical orientations that many counselors use in therapy sessions today. Multiple examples are provided to support readers on how to overcome side effects and dilemmas after trauma in order to lead a healthier life.

Raving fans are saying saying 11 Tools to Help Manage the Aftermath of Trauma “is an essential and compact resource book that one can refer back to over and over again.” One abuse survivor says that this book “may have been written by Tiffani Dilworth, but it is definitely created for US.”

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Tiffani Dilworth is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Author and Motivational Speaker



Kyle Book Cover   Kyle Murphy, known for his determination to reach his goals, is a straightforward author who writes about his relationship with God during a dark time in his life.

Temporary is a biography of Kyle’s journey from being a Division 3 College Baseball Pitcher with a scholarship to being completely paralyzed due to Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), a rare nerve condition.

Raving fans are saying that Temporary is “an inspirational story for all ages. It is convicting and encouraging.”

“…no matter what life has brought you during this short time on earth, your heart will be touched by the detour in this young man’s life. This book is very short, yet powerful… It proves the wisdom and true love of God and family.”

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Desh Book Cover

Desh Dixon, an Amazon Best-Selling Author, is passionate about empowering others to create the life of their dreams.

Raving fans are saying No More Broken Records: 5 Tips to Change Your Tune and Transform Your Life “…has tons of thought provoking questions. It has lots of relatable content. If you are ready to change your tune and stop the broken record, read this book!” — Steve DaCosta, The How Money Works Guy

“This book is simple and straightforward and VERY helpful. It is an easy and deeply meaningful adventure to read while still being great fun.”

“A must read to change your life!!!”

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When Angels

Caroline De Chavigny, an author known to “write real books for real people.”

When Angels Die, shares a detailed story of Caroline’s recovering from being raped and brutally beaten in her own home as her children are asleep in their beds. In this book, she shares her thoughts and prayers to have more time to raise her sons. After leaving the hospital, Caroline de Chavigny shares her journey to recovery.

Warning: It’s a fast paced book with graphic details. If one has experienced abuse or domestic violence, it’s highly encouraged to read this book cautiously at the beginning due to the graphic detail of the trauma.

Get her book now by clicking on link for $12.99. Caroline