The Best is Yet To Come


Inspirational Hope’s first ALL WOMEN’S Workshop was a success! Thank you Sponsors, Speakers, Volunteers, and Attendees. It couldn’t have been done without you. Please enjoy a few pictures from the workshop and comments from attendees. DSC_7459


DSC_7496 DSC_7492 DSC_7478

DSC_7502       DSC_7521




What Attendees took away from the workshop:

“Self-love and development is a daily task and I must be present in the moment.”

“Be still, be confident, and move forward.”

“More awareness and confirmation of where I am currently in my life.”

“Helpful tools for dealing with toxic people.”

“That we (women) should be available to recognize and support each other.”


What Attendees said about the workshop:

“The speakers have been very encouraging.”

“I’m excited about the next. This was awesome.”

“There is value in the information presented that can always help self and others.”

“Great sessions. Love it!!”

“Every woman I know can learn and would have loved this experience.”


Speakers: Nichola Brown, Sara Doolittle, and Cherise Irons